Welcome to Nuernberg, exchange students! …

… or as the locals say: Herzlich willkommen! We wish you an unforgettable stay in our city and a fruitful time at our university.

Exchange students are more than welcome to participate in any and all of our courses. Please be aware that exchange students are expected to meet the same requirements as all other students. This includes fulfilling the language requirements, regardless of whether the course is offered in German or in English. You must be able to adequately follow lectures, give presentations, participate in discussion, write term papers and exams, etc., in the language of instruction. You are also, of course, welcome to audit a course, in which case no credits can be awarded, but a certificate of participation can be issued.

Attendance is mandatory for all seminars, including the first session! All classes begin the week of October 21.

Please register for all courses in which you would like to participate, whether actively or on an audit basis, via StudOn beginning at noon on September 20, 2019. Since participant numbers are limited in the seminars, we will have waiting lists; it is therefore also important that you de- register, should you change your mind and not wish to participate for any reason.

Course offering for Winter Term 2019

(FG = Findelgasse, LG = Lange Gasse), language of instruction German unless otherwise specified.

Internationale Wirtschaft (lecture course, undergraduate level, with tutorial, written exam) (in English), Thursday, 15.00-16.30h, Room LG H1, beginning October 24. Tutorial Tuesday, 9.45-11.15h, Room FG 0.015, as well as 13.15-14.45h, Room LG H6.

International Politik I (lecture course, undergraduate level, written exam), Thursday, 16.45-18.15h, Room LG H5, beginning October 24.

International Trade and Labor (lecture course, graduate level, written exam) (in English). Block course: Wednesday, 9.45-13.00h, Room FG 2.024, from October 23 until November 27. Tutorial Thursday, 15.00-18.15h, Room FG 1.036, from October 24 until November 28. Written exam Wednesday, December 4, 11.30-13.00h.

Issues in Global Economic Governance (seminar, graduate level, presentation + term paper) (in English). Block seminar: Friday, October 25, 8.00-9.30h; Friday, January 10, and Saturday, January 11, 2020, 9.00-18.00h, Room FG 1.036. Mandatory attendance at all session.

Issues in International Trade (seminar, graduate level, presentation + term paper) (in English). Block seminar: Friday, October 25, 9.45-11.15h; Friday, January 17, and Saturday, January 18, 2020, 9.00-18.00h, Room FG 1.036. Mandatory attendance at all sessions.

Topical Issues in International Politics and International Economy (lecture series / seminar, oral exam) (primarily in English), in cooperation with the Chair of International Business and Society Relations (Latin America). Topic „Between Crisis and Advance – Latin America in a Globalized World“, Wednesday, 18.30-20.00h, Room FG 0.015, beginning November 6.